The Stories We Tell Ourselves

By Lisa E. Platt

Do you know that feeling?  The one when 8.5 items out of 10 go incredibly well, but you focus on the 1.5 things that do not?   I do.  I know this feeling well. 

Last summer, I facilitated an event held on Zoom.  Most everything went incredibly well. The attendees seemed pleased. I doubt they noticed the 1.5 things that did not go well. Yet, I was VERY AWARE.  I was so aware that these were the only things I could focus on.

The story I told myself was not positive.  In addition to the story, I now failed as a recovering perfectionist.  If I were truly a recovered perfectionist, I would have at least acknowledged the 8.5 items that went well. 

Thankfully, an hour or so later I acknowledged my negative self-talk.

I then considered wearing a rubber band on my wrist so I could snap it each time I embraced negative self-talk. I quickly dismissed this idea simply because I don’t do pain well. 
I sat with the question, ‘what can I do?” 
“If I had an accountability partner, someone to check in with weekly, would I stop myself from going on a downward spiral?”  “Would my friend J say yes to helping me with my mindset accountability?” 
I slept on this.  I texted J the next morning.  He was intrigued and we scheduled a time to speak.  He said yes to four 15-minute accountability sessions.  We met weekly for 2.5 months. 
I then became very aware of my thoughts.  I reminded myself to focus on what went well and to acknowledge my success.  I stopped the self-degrading small talk. 
I felt happier, lighter.  I felt more in control and able to deal with the challenges of pandemic life. I then launched the Business Bliss Accountability Sessions.
Accountability Sessions help one stay focused and move forward.

Biography/Contact Information

Lisa E. Platt

Lisa has been a leader in the Greater Phoenix community from the time she was a very young woman. She has countless accomplishments, but has focused recently on running her business West Valley Women Networking Association and her Business Networking Made Simple company. In Lisa’s words,”I help sensitive introverted professionals connect with confidence by communicating with intention and own a women’s networking organization.”

She can be reached at if you are interested in scheduling Business Bliss Accountability Sessions. Read more about her organization at

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