Getting Into the Heart

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Tricia Livermore, Certified HearthMath Specialist


Tricia Livermore is an Emotional Transformation Coach.  Her mission is to re-ignite humanity by helping people find peace and harmony within themselves by connecting with their heart.  Her passion is helping others resolve inner conflict, realign to their values and renew their spirit to live their truest life.  Tricia’s intuitive approach in working with clients awakens their inner wisdom for self-discovery and personal growth by transitioning their thinking from their mind to their heart.  

Tricia’s experience comes from her personal transformation after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.  She realized her personal values were changing and she wanted a career where she could have greater purpose and have deeper personal relationships.  She ended her marriage amicably and left her high-stress six-figure career in corporate America. Her goal was to get back to a healthy body, mind and spirit.  She spent significant time in deep reflection healing old wounds and limiting beliefs with the sole purpose of learning how to manage her emotions instead of her emotions managing her.  Through this journey, she found her purpose as an emotional transformation coach by simply following her heart.  

Tricia offers a four-week one-on-one coaching program with tools that help clients self-discover what drains their energy and also what renews them. Then she teaches them techniques to practice shifting from the trigger or energy drain to a state of ease or calm. Tricia offers free consultations. 

Reach her through  Read more about her at

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