Hold Fast to Dreams

By Susan Kavanaugh

Candid photo from Carolyn Tate after receiving my book.

If you’ve read my new book, you know that I believe in the power of manifestation and in dreams coming true. The image of the lovely lady to the right is of the best-selling author Carolyn Tate, who hails from Australia. Carolyn wrote a book years ago called “Conscious Marketing.” It was my marketing Bible. I knew of a multitude of marketing and communications firms that were focused on corporate social responsibility, but very few that out and out called themselves “conscious” marketers. When I founded my company in 1997, I knew of no other companies focused on mindful marketing at all. You can imagine how hungry I was to read her book.

Carolyn’s “Conscious Marketing” was reviewed in this way:

“In the modern economy, businesses must have heart. The marketing industry is broken. Consumers are tired of interruption, push, mass media and the manipulation of marketing and advertising generally. They want to deal with honest, ethical companies that have heart and purpose and that care about serving all their stakeholders instead of their pockets. Conscious Marketing proves that marketing can really work if the paradigm is shifted–radically.

In Conscious Marketing: How to Create an Awesome Business With a New Approach to Marketing, author Carolyn Tate demonstrates just how beneficial this shift can be. By practicing the four tenets of conscious marketing, companies can raise their brand’s profile and attract customers for life. The book shows how building a business with a higher-purpose can lead to sustainability, profitability and industry leadership. Conscious marketing works for both multinational corporations and cash-strapped small business alike. In the modern market, a business that does well and contributes to the elevation of humanity and the planet attracts the best customers, employees, suppliers and investors. These people evangelize, and the brand reach expands exponentially further and to a more loyal audience than traditional marketing will ever capture.

This concept and other topics in the book include: What’s wrong with marketing and why it doesn’t work What “conscious” means to the consumer, business, leader and marketer The who, what, why and how of conscious marketing Navigating the shift from traditional to conscious practices The book includes a three-part guide to crafting an actionable plan, including where to find help. Marketing doesn’t have to be the budgetary dead weight it has become. It can be fun, human and inspiring for everyone involved, but change requires a deep shift in thinking and behaviour that goes way beyond the transaction or the sale. To stay relevant in the modern economy, businesses must show what’s at their core, why they do what they do and why it matters.

Conscious Marketing is a comprehensive guide to fixing the problem, with a sustainable solution.”

Visit https://carolyntate.co/conscious-marketing-is-here/ for details on this book and more.

And, “HOLD FAST TO DREAMS.” My dream had been to connect with Carolyn someday. Not only did the dream happen, but it became a relationship that I now think of as very dear.

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