The Value of Connections, Love, and Gratitude

By Lisa Platt

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Yesterday, I wanted to write an article about the value of connections and the importance of staying in touch. I wanted to share the good that came from moving an in-person networking breakfast to an online gathering twice. How everyone was thrilled with the opportunity to say hello because everything else had cancelled. I wanted to express my gratitude.

Each time I tried to write; the words would not come. I had the worst time focusing on what had gone well. There was a LOT that had gone well yet writing about it was challenging.

I slept well last night and the night before. I noticed I felt calm when I woke up today. I also felt calm Tuesday morning. But yesterday, the day I tried to write, I did not. Although, I know what we think about we create, I spent most of the day yesterday coming from fear. I was not yet focused on the good or my gratitude.

That afternoon, sitting in the car while my brother ran a quick errand, I said to myself, “It’s a good thing I’m not going to run into anyone I know.” I was dressed casually, no make-up or bling. My hair was wind/rain blown.  

After the dry cleaner, we stopped at a restaurant to get takeout for dinner. Inside, was a cameraman shooting video on the impact COVID-19 has on local restaurants. Next thing I know, he’s talking to us and we made the local news. It felt good. I felt grateful.

I didn’t connect ALL the dots until much later that evening. My day had started by listening to a wonderful talk on “PR Tips for Small Business & Soloprenuers,” and finished by being featured on the local news for a few seconds. Not really a day to hold fear in my mind.

Just today my email inbox held a newsletter from The Foundation for Living Medicine. Dr. Gladys McGarey expressed her gratitude and love for all the support she received while recuperating from a bad fall. Dr. Gladys spoke about the importance of coming from a space of love.  

“Let me share with you what I have known… and it has certainly deepened through this experience.  Love is the great healer,” she wrote.

What are you creating with your thoughts? Do you have an “Attitude of Gratitude”? Are you coming from a place of love?

Many of our businesses are greatly impacted by COVID-19 and change is imminent. Some of us are frustrated because we’ve implemented plan 2 or 3 and now need to find another solution.  

Help is available. My business offers it. There are ways to connect with your clients.  Solutions are available. Sometimes we just need someone to be able to share deep thoughts out loud.  Having a safe space to share is incredibly important to our needs. 

Please remember, “Love is the great healer.”   Have a beautiful, blessed, and grateful day.



Lisa E. Platt combines her experience in customer service, administration and coaching to create Business Networking Made Simple. She knows Networking is a skill set that can be learned. She can help you write your own script, a script that works, a script that will help you reach your networking goals.

With nearly 20 years’ experience, Lisa has worked on both sides of the table. She has extensive experience with managing networking organizations while at the same time representing her small business.

Lisa teaches Accomplished Professionals how to expand their influence in a local area.

She also helps individuals and small businesses clearly identify their message and understand how business networking connects to one’s marketing. She understands the importance of relationship building and how this can help one make money.

In addition to Business Networking Made Simple, Lisa is the proud owner of West Valley Women, a top rated networking organization for women in the greater Phoenix area, The List, Phoenix Business Journal, June 2016.

She also has a passion for integrative medicine and assists the Arizona Homeopathic & Integrative Medical Association (AHIMA).

  • Credentials:
    CEO & President, West Valley Women, top rated networking organization.
    Chief Connections Officer, Business Networking Made Simple.
    Author, Your Personal Guide to Networking.
    Certified Coach, certification from International Master Coach Patricia Noel Drain.
    Distinguished Toastmaster.
    Expertise in business relationship building including 18+ years working in the networking industry.

Reach Lisa by calling: 602-573-7496

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