Gratitude is Your Game Changer

By Meshell Baker

Struggling to experience more joy and enthusiasm in your life? Try gratitude. There is truly a reason why when you feel like you have enough, you find more.

Your ability to find the “silver lining” sets you apart in our ever-busy changing world.  I highly recommend cultivating a giving mindset.  Enjoy this bit of inspiration that highlights and a givers guide to random acts of kindness. And experience an infusion of gratefulness and joy!

G – Gratitude may be one of the most underutilized tools that we all have access to every day. Developing a grateful attitude and mindset doesn’t cost a thing.  And it most definitely will not take any additional time on your part. Gratitude elevates your mind, your mood, and is contagiously attractive!

I – Initiate your amazing life by taking a chance. You can spend your life worrying and anticipating what might go wrong.  Or you can recognize there is no perfect, only incremental improvement (practice).  Find something you love, and you will be more willing to take the risk of failure, get up, and get better!

V – Value what makes you special to others. There is a reason why you are adored or not and it comes from how others feel around you. Most people are striving to be successful at something, so they can acquire some things. Becoming a person of value makes you valuable, and that always appreciated!

E – ExtraOrdinary is the little things done by those who love what they do. Most often these are the experiences that cultivate loyal followers and raving fans. These are the actions rooted in sincere love of their purpose and extended and shared with the receivers of their giving.

READY to begin your game-changing journey of giving graciously? Why not start today?

25 Random Acts of Kindness

KIndess Chart

Meshell Baker is a captivating Award-Winning International Keynote Speaker, Sales & Confidence Coach, and Director of Global Sales Development for the National Association of Sales Professionals. Meshell is the Owner of SuperFan Solutions. A company founded to train sales professionals, sales leaders, and business owners to establish unstoppable selling confidence. An amazing gift of clarity, she’s renowned for a no-nonsense approach that inspires transforming obstacles into opportunities and problems into possibilities! To learn more, connect with Meshell at

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