Here’s Why

By Carla Reeves

I never set out to be a Coach, coaching found me.  

I spent years of my life checking the boxes of what I thought made up a happy successful life. I was a master at making everything look good on the outside. It wasn’t until I hit bottom in the middle of a divorce that I finally admitted to myself that while things looked good on the outside, I was empty inside.

I knew something had to change. I knew there had to be another way and it became my mission to figure it out.

Up until this point, I was following the map – the plan of what I thought I was supposed to do with my life. From this moment forward, I turned inside to find my compass and that changed everything.  

“If I want to do interesting work, take risks and really see what I am made of, I have to be willing to use a compass instead of a map. The day I ditched the map for the compass is the day I walked off the edge of the Earth, and my work became an experience that only I can create for people. “– Srinivas Rao, The Art of Being Unmistakable

This was the beginning of finding a more fulfilling way of living life. I was introduced to some incredible tools that allowed me to make the huge shift from feeling at the mercy of my circumstances to taking ownership of my happiness, my future and figuring out how to cultivate fulfillment in my everyday life.

I later married again and left my corporate job to have our first son. I had dreamed of being a mom and had the opportunity to be a stay at home mom and took it. When my son was 8 months old, I felt myself slipping into some old habits and was missing work. At the same time, I felt a strong calling to start writing. My mission was to figure out how to be a happy mom – a gift I wanted to give to my children. I began writing daily.  

Months later, I was reading through my journals and was floored by what had transpired as I put pen to paper. Not only had I figured out how to be a happy, engaged mom, I had a new level of self-acceptance, tapped into creativity, had grown spiritually and more and these changes were having a positive impact on everything. I knew in this moment I was here to share the tool of journaing with others.

I started my first business, Sanity Journals, with a mission to inspire people to journal as a tool  for navigating everyday life. This led to speaking, retreats, self-publishing guided journals and eventually a coaching company reaching out to me because of a shared passion for journaling.

I began licensing their journaling software and built a great relationship with the founder. I eventually went through their coaching program.  They incorporated journaling with their clients and the coaches were trained to use the journaling to help their clients identify their blind spots to make positive change.  I fell in love with the idea of marrying a journal with a coach to REALLY help people transform their lives.   

I was eventually certified as a Frame of Mind Coach and coached on their team for over 6 years. Then, 4 ½ years ago, I felt the calling again – this time – it was to leave this company and branch out on my own. At the time, I didn’t understand why this was so important, but knew from past experience that listening to this nudge was the most important thing I could do – even if it meant falling on my face.

Today, I lead my own coaching brand and my “why” is pay forward what I have learned and equip people with tools for creating radical, positive change in their everyday lives.  

“Charisma has nothing to do with energy; it comes from a clarity of WHY. It comes from absolute conviction in an ideal bigger than oneself. ― Simon Sinek, Start with Why

My “why” evolved over time, but the thread that remained the same was a seeking of my own to live more fully and then a desire to share this with others. My “why” fuels everything. Having a “why” that’s bigger than me causes me to show up on the days I may not feel like it. It propels me to step into opportunities that I may feel are too big – all for the sake of something much larger.

Many people seek to find their why. I believe that our “why” is already here – it’s been here all along. Our job is to strip away all the noise and barriers that keep us from seeing it – and when we do that – it reveals itself.


Ambitious leaders rely upon Mindset & Lifestyle Coach Carla Reeves to call out their blind spots, expand their perspective and create a more fulfilling way of showing up to their work and their lives. Carla is a trusted resource for overcoming personal/professional barriers that stand in your way of performing and living at your fullest potential. 

Carla’s committed to guiding you to clarity about the real stumbling blocks that stand in the way and equip you to create and sustain a way of living that feels authentic, aligned and highly meaningful. 

Carla spent 10+ years in Corporate America working in Human Resources and Information Technology. She left Corporate America at age 32 to raise her boys and live the entrepreneurial life she loves 

What she knows to be true is that people are far closer than they realize to the very things they deeply desire. Often, the only thing standing in the way is an old, outdated way of viewing themselves and the world around them. 

She will open your thinking and invite you to think from new and different angles that crack open the possibilities for you and your life.


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