Faith Over Fear

By Tina Bearcraft

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It all happened so fast we didn’t have time to think about it. We didn’t even have much time to react. All events, schools, meetings, and festivals cancelled in a blink of an eye. Our schedule as we know it has changed. We were all told to practice social distancing. What is social distancing? Will this create a panic with the people? How long will this go on? So much uncertainty at this point in life.

Mental Health Matters! What happens if your life changes so fast that you didn’t have much time to adapt in a positive way? What happens if you’re not ok? Nothing at this point was normal. What do we do when all our favorite things have been taken away? Was this God’s way of taking us back in time to what matters the most? We all have been faced with so much, so quick. This impacts our lives in many different ways.

What do we do when we already have tough stuff in life that we battle? Now, we are given more challenges at a moment’s notice. How will we handle new stress? How will we stay positive moving forward? What positive stuff will we create for us? Will this change our lives forever?

Can we remain better or will our way of thinking become bitter? It depends on us and our way of thinking. What we tell ourselves matter. How we react to things, matter. We must stay positive if we have a fighting chance. What are ways we can remain healthy? Journaling, music, reading, and bible time are a few ideas. We have to be intentional about what matters to us.  Bye-bye old schedule and hello to the new normal for a while.

We have to embrace our new normal in a positive way, otherwise it’s going to be hard for us to adapt. How are you dealing with this? We have to decide are we going to control this before it controls us? This is truly a great reminder to remember what matters the most in our lives. Will we take the time to come back home and slow down?

I often say, “My life is an adventure; It’s time to saddle up for the next one.” Where will this adventure lead? Some words that come to mind would be train wreck, bad movie, or happy ending? You get to be the star of your own story. Will it be an enjoyable time creating peace or will it be total chaos? Will you allow your struggles to take over? (Just remember we all struggle with something, some of us just hide it better than others.) We have to decide will we get up, dress up, and show up for life? Will we put faith where it belongs? Either way, it’s our choice.

How can we take a negative situation and turn it into a positive? Our mindset matters. We have control over what we tell ourselves. If we want to be positive we will, if we want to be negative that’s also a choice. Are we going to choose to live each day with grace and purpose or are we going to be sad and defeated? It depends on us.

What have you learned during this time? I have learned we can’t control everything in our lives but how we react to it matters. Are you learning new things for the future? Have you picked up a project you have wanted to finish? Turning off the TV and turn on music. It’s good for the soul. What fuels our soul and lights our fire is different for all of us. The question remains: What are you going to be intentional about to be productive?

Each day is a little different than the last. Some days the sun is shining, others day the rain is coming down. We can do our best to see the beauty in our day. Faith over fear.  God’s got this and we are all still writing our story.

Thank you to all the men and women working hard during this time. You’re the true HEROS.


FB_IMG_1585698948722As an entrepreneur, Tina Beacraft is part owner in “Agape Circle,” an event planning company. She is serving as a ministry representative with WOW Christian radio and owns a direct marketing business.  Her passion is mental health and wellness.

Over the years she has served on non-profit boards, fundraiser projects, and served on many committees. Tina fights for mental health and disabilities on a disability board. Her love for planning special events and giving back to the community shines through with all she does.

Tina brings her positive Mental Health story to the community and wants to break down the stigma every day in every way she can. Married for 27 years, mom of two kids, she was diagnosed as bi-polar at 13-years-old. She came through the mess ready to share a message. Today her life is healthy and productive at 47. Her son is also fighting the odds every day with 4 different diagnoses, and no IEP or 504; Yet, he’s hitting all his milestones along his journey. ( Available for future speaking, just reach out.)

” We are enough and we aren’t defined by the stigma of the world or what we are going through.”


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