Success: How to Get from Frustrated to Fulfilled

By Cie Allman-Scott, Ph.D.

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Success and the means to follow your heart may be difficult.   You intuitively know that there is something meaningful within you that wants to express itself, but the common, human tendency is ironically to fight it. Our egos adhere to our own individual ‘comfort zones,’which are paradoxically uncomfortable.   Perhaps you saw the Will Smith film, The Pursuit of Happyness, adapted from a true story about Chris Gardener, a father who metaphorically walked through fire to escape poverty and provide a stable life for himself and his son. Inspiring stories like this cause us to ask, “If he can do this, surely I can find my way to the success I desire.”  Sometimes we are seemingly ‘kicked’ into action;  this has happened to me a few times throughout life. Being pushed by life’s circumstances is actually a blessing, but knowing you want to move forward without a solid plan, and with a bit of fear to cause uncertainty, we are reminded that he who hesitates is lost.  We are promised the pursuit of happiness, but not a smooth journey. Spiritual gurus say, “Enjoy the journey!” Hmmmmmmm…  Let’s break it down into pieces you can more easily follow.

First , we must remove seeming obstacles. It is both absurd and true that it is only YOU that is the obstacle. We all place limits on ourselves. These perceived boundaries ( our comfort zones) are self imposed by our own experiences and ego. Since we are always acting to gain pleasure or to avoid pain, every time we have experienced discouragement, we add another hurdle to jump on our path. How can we learn to see clear of such obstructions, keep our eyes on the prize and feel the fear and do it anyway? (Incidentally, this is a title of a book written by Dr. Susan Jeffers over 30 years ago, still very relevant today.) Since the chatterboxes in our minds constantly tell us things to avoid and steer clear of, we must blast those negative voices out of our way so that, with ‘blinders on,’ we can cross the finish line. The easiest way to do this is to be louder than the hopeless voices. Speaking affirmations aloud, a minimum of 20 times per day will give us the needed courage to move ahead. Here is a free tool to use to construct your perfect affirmations:  I kindly warn you not to skip this step. It is free, easy and imperative to uplift and protect your confidence! When you trust yourself, feeling positive that your spirit is worthy, you will take action to fulfill the purpose of your soul, not your ego that wishes to protect the status quo.

Next, allow yourself to be divinely guided. Some of you are asking, what does this mean??? The cravings for satisfaction or the emptiness you sometimes feel in your soul are quenched when you live with purpose. Sadly, most people don’t know what their purpose is, but you can find out! It is also true that when you work with your purpose, striving to express it, you may lose track of time because it lifts you higher, and things like time matter less. Some of us are fortunate enough to work in a job or create a career or organization that acts on our purpose.  If you don’t know your purpose, please do the exercises on my page to discover and articulate your purpose; visit .

It is possible that you don’t work in a job where your purpose is resonating, and you are working for a paycheck.  It is divine to work so that you can afford the things you need, so don’t resist the urge to work for money; this facilitates the life you want. Don’t struggle with it. You can calmly decide if you would like to seek a fulfilling volunteer position, trying to advance the cause you find most important. You can also structure your free time schedule to build an organization (to earn income or not, to enjoy expressing your purpose) and aspire to make it your full time occupation. You can also intern, placing you on the correct course. As long as you are somewhere on this track and pointed toward the finish line, you are feeling the love expressed by your purpose. Find a mission and fill that void!

Now, knowing what is most important to you, live by written goals.  Too many of us do not write down our goals. Do not skip this! The human mind is very easily side-tracked. Write down your daily, weekly, monthly, annual and 5-year goals. Refer to them twice a day; it is convenient to look at them when you get up and when you go to sleep.

In alignment with your goals, know exactly what you want. Close your eyes and get a mental picture or vision of what your life looks like when you succeed. If you don’t take these steps, it will be much too challenging to keep your dreams alive.  Your self-esteem will also suffer. In order to make great decisions and live your life to the fullest, do not skip any of these steps.  If you would like more direction and inspiration, there is much more in my Amazon #1 best-seller, DECIDE YOUR FUTURE  Write, Direct and Star in Your Life . This is a tool you can use throughout your entire life to make the best decisions and to continue moving on track toward exactly what you want.  You will also learn why you do the unproductive things you do and change those glitches quickly and painlessly. It will be a relief to feel aligned with that which you were born to express.

Being happy and fulfilled is simple, except FEAR tends to get in the way. Handling that irritating feeling separates those who only dream from the celebrated success stories. It takes practice to get over being ruled by fear.  Every time we act, we get stronger and more able to do it again, breaking the pattern. Wouldn’t the feeling of jumping into cold water be better than helplessness? Often we find that we feel relieved quickly. There will always be some fear with heights to conquer, but this feeling can turn into a friendly reminder of all the times you have conquered fear and complacency before. Thank the fear and get moving! Life is what you make it! Suffering is optional.

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About the author….

Dr. Cie Scott is a “Media Psychologist,” author, and International Keynote Speaker. Dr. Cie has over twenty-five years of experience as an actress, TV host and narrator, including voice-overs for hundreds of productions. Dr. Cie is a seasoned television producer, originally working in front of the camera, also learning most jobs behind the camera. A published author of both text and audio books, she is also the writer of TV commercials, infomercials, episodic and “how to” daytime TV programs, music videos, and thought-provoking, “Dr. Cie Tips” for the body, mind, and spirit.

Once specializing in Direct Response advertising, she uses her degree in Psychology to influence and inspire television viewers. With experience as a powerful teacher, Cie’s careers in modeling, acting, and hosting, afforded her a unique education which included improvisation and comedy. She played prankster parts on Totally Hidden Video, Saturday Night Live, and also performed stand-up comedy at The Improv in L.A. Cie understands the value of a comedic edge and uses humor divinely in hundreds of celebrity interviews for FOX, ABC, CBS, and UPN television. Currently, she is launching Celebrities with Heart for television, giving celebrities a platform to share their causes and charities with views at home.

Feeling creatively incomplete reading lines for recurring roles on General Hospital, Baywatch, and many other episodics, her self-expression took over and she created Infinite Power, a daytime TV show which she grew from three markets to 186 on major networks. Executive Producing her show afforded her the opportunity to learn most TV production jobs and successfully syndicate her own show. Focused on her tasks, she became an excellent writer; advertising clients were also pleased with her ability to research and execute meaningful scripts. As a former owner of a production company, she also produced commercials for large, world-wide companies such as LifeFitness, Toto, and Stevia. She has created and produced martial arts videos, exercise videos, as well as TV pilots, such as The Most Beautiful Women in the World, with Tippi Hedron and Gena Lee Nolan.

Dr. Cie Scott now cherry picks TV and film projects, writes inspiring self-help books and magazine columns, and is a voting member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. She is also a member of both SAG and AFTRA. She currently spends much of her time lecturing throughout the world and appearing as a television host or guest, offering “info-tainment” and lively, enlightening self -help. As an actress, TV host and producer, “Dr. Cie” earned 8 Tellys, 2 Vision Awards, and 2 Emmy nominations for production and hosting.

Dr. Cie lives with her husband of over 15 years and her three Papillons, also serving as Therapy Dogs in the community.

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