Truly You: Discovering Your Authentic Divine


By Adrienne Sisson

You were born with a twinkle in your eye and a spark in your heart that shone so bright it had to find an escape. A way to shine out into the world. You didn’t know any other way. And why would you? You carried your beauty and strength and wonder the way any child would. Confident. Knowing you were exactly as you should be.

Everyone saw it. Some adored it. Some didn’t understand it. Others envied it or wished it away, their own sparks so dulled they couldn’t stand yours. So you made your spark small. You were careful who you showed it to. Maybe you started to forget it was there at all. You covered it with magazine images and movies and liquor. That shining child quietly receded and was covered by your knowledge of the world. But that child is not gone.

Each of us has a self we covered up, learned to protect, maybe felt wasn’t right. Our “Authentic Divine.” That Spark that makes us who we are and connects us to All That Is. So, how do we find and begin to know that Divine Self? Here are a few gentle ways to begin your journey.

Meditate (Or just sit for a minute)

Meditation is a wonderful tool for self exploration, but is often misunderstood and labeled as “hard to do.” Meditation is simply allowing the self to process. Find a comfortable place to sit, or lie, and take a moment to just be with yourself. Wrap yourself in a blanket. Put on some relaxing music or enjoy the silence. Make yourself as comfortable as possible. Take a deep breath. Feel the air as it comes into your lungs. Exhale. Now, open your heart to hear the messages your Inner Divine has been dying to tell you. Really listen. Don’t judge. Wrap your arms around yourself. Sing. Cry. Scream! Allow yourself to fully feel without judgment of yourself.

No matter how far gone you think that self is, your Authentic Divine is just under the surface, waiting to be given the nourishment needed to begin to become again. Become your own guru.

Journal (Or just jot some stuff down)

Journaling isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but the act of writing something out helps us realize and release. There are two things we should focus on when looking for our authentic self. Memories and Shadow. Memories are very important, especially from when we were very young. When was the first time you realized it wasn’t safe to be authentically you? When is the first time you remember changing something about yourself to suit someone else’s wants or opinions? This memory is the beginning of your own personal dive into self-transformation.

The second part is to begin looking at the shadow. What are those things you don’t accept about yourself? The things you don’t like and try to deny? Write down the first thing that comes to mind and begin to explore the whys behind your own judgment. We are our own worst critics, but we need our own acceptance more than anyone else’s. Writing down our “faults,” as we see them, helps us to process the pain behind them and begin to heal.

Make You-Based Choices (Or just follow your heart)

As you begin to find yourself, be sure you are making choices that will help you continue to grow in a healthful and honest way. We have all made decisions based on what others want from or expect from us, even to the detriment of our selves. That’s how we got into this mess in the first place! Be sure you are setting firm boundaries and making decisions to keep you safe and thriving. Teach yourself to say “no” when it’s appropriate and stick to that no. Likewise, allow yourself to say “yes!” when you really want to! Embrace the beauty and love and light in your life! If you are keeping yourself locked in a miserable place, the amazing divine light inside you will remain locked in that place as well.

Discovering and recovering our Authentic Divine is not something we can do in a day, but it only takes a moment to set ourselves on the path. The path may be long. And it may be hard at times. But it is also a rich and beautiful journey. You deserve your love and dedication more than anyone else in this world. Shine bright, love. The world is waiting for your light.

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Adrienne Sisson is a spiritual advisor, lightworker, and homeschooling momma in Kansas City. She is passionate about working with women and children to harness their inner light and bring unconditional love into the world.

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