The Power of Intention

By Deborah Stone Bateman


As a coach, I was asked the other day, about the single, most impactful behavior that I utilize to stay positive and stay focused on my goals. My answer came out effortlessly, before I had a chance to think about it.

I responded, “My daily intention!”

Even now, as I reflect on that conversation, I can absolutely validate my initial and spontaneous response. It was instinctive, raw, unfiltered, and completely authentic.

Yes, my “daily intention” keeps me positive and focused. I create it within 10 minutes after waking up. Sometimes, even before I get out of bed. I create it based on what is planned or needs to be accomplished for the day. Once I know what I want or need to do, I determine how I want to “feel” and then — I set my intention. It’s my “magic.”

For me it is a deliberate and intentional process:

–  First, I think and frame my daily intention: “Today, I am going to remain focused and work with love in my heart on the next chapter of my book.” 

–  Next, I write it down. While I write it out in longhand, I think about it.  “Today, I am going to remain focused and work with love in my heart on the next chapter of my book.”

–  Once written, I read it out loud and I listen to myself as I continue to expand on how I want to feel.“Today, I am going to remain focused and work with love in my heart on the next chapter of my book.”

–  Then, I repeat it, with absolute conviction and feeling.“Today, I am going to remain focused and work with love in my heart on the next chapter of my book.”

Often, I do my final declaration with feeling in front of my bathroom mirror.  All the while, observing and listening to myself and feeling the power of my intention!

I recognize that I am using my “daily intention” as a way to “program” what I want to get accomplished and the way I want to “feel.”

I believe that when you get clear on how you want to feel, you can make clear decisions that create the life you truly want and deserve to live. It’s my “magic” because the moment I can tap into the feeling, I find my power.

It’s about embodying your intention. So, when you open your eyes, ask yourself: “How do I want to feel today?”

Is it to feel…LovedConfident? Powerful? In-charge? Productive? Like a SUPERSTAR?

Choose the feeling with which you resonate and that fills your being completely. And, then “feel” it, until you can acknowledge what you are feeling as exactly how you want to feel.

And, “magically,” this intention should help you make those decisions, throughout your day, that keep you focused and on track with your goals.

Currently, I am on a diet to optimize my health. It’s a pretty restrictive diet, but I am getting results — and I continue to celebrate my tenacity, discipline, willpower, and improving health. My daily intention has truly helped me to make better decisions that have allowed me to adhere to my diet.

Last week, a wonderful friend called and wanted to meet for wine and some great nosh at a neighborhood hot spot. Tempting, since I really wanted to catch up with this friend, but using my intention I offered up an alternative.

I thanked them up for the wonderful and spontaneous invitation to get together, but said no and offered another way of catching up.

“I’m going to pass on this invitation, but how about us getting together next week when we can take a nice hike?”

I have to admit, I felt good about myself.  I made a good decision for me — and for what I want and am working to achieve.  “No” didn’t feel as difficult to say — as it sometimes had felt in the past.

And, when we got together, this week, for our hike, my friend told me that I had inspired her and she was so happy that I had invited her to get outdoors and get some exercise — something that she tends to procrastinate in doing. WOW!! In the process of taking care of me, I had also supported my friend!! What a great BONUS!!

Starting your day with an intention will leave you willing and available to say “no” to what is not serving you in your life. Using an intention every day should be life changing, because you now have an amazing tool to use for the rest of your life.

What do you want to do and how do you want to feel today??  

Try it.  

I think you’ll like it.


Deborah is an Arizona Native who wants to make the world a better place. She is a Personal Branding Consultant, Certified Leadership and Executive Coach, Inspiring Speaker, Career Banker, Community Advocate, Adventurous World Traveler, Seasoned Corporate and Non-for-Profit Board Member, a Best-Selling Author, and a Partner at Risk Blossoming. Her success has come from hard work, achievement, determination, and kindness.  

Deborah’s “WHY” is to inspire others to know and embrace their authentic self, so that they can live the life that they desire.  She’s not afraid to ask the tough questions and, yet, she speaks from her heart when sharing her own life experiences to those who value her counsel. 

She loves travel, fashion, and connecting with friends.


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