The Big Picture Does Matter

By Susan Kavanaugh

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Mindfulness is an amazingly rewarding process. We are able to hold ourselves accountable, communicate more clearly, relax into the flow of the Universe and live not only in the moment, but live in the safety of knowing that continued conscious living in practice will reap the same rich rewards.

One of my favorite messages is, “The point of power is in the present.” I used to wear a watch with that message imprinted on the face (I wish I still had that, but I bet I could program my fancy, schmancy Apple watch to feature such a message).

However, remaining conscious in life does not mean we can’t look into the future or make plans for the future.  Strategy is not a missing aspect of being in the present. In fact, the very open nature of our minds allows for Divine thoughts to enter freely. Those thoughts are typically ones of creation, innovation and the proverbial “What ifs?” I refer to these as Divine thoughts, but everyone uses different expressions to describe the sensation and the confirmed knowing when these thoughts come. Some call it “the Still Small Voice,” some the “subconscious releasing to conscious,” some call it “tapping into mass consciousness,” and, yet, others call it ideas that are more clearly experienced because we are free of the mental blocks that mindful moments make room for.

While you live in the heart of gratitude the very best of ideas will be born.  This holiday season has been one, for me, of resting in gratitude. I’ve been grateful for my health, my husband, my family, my dear friends and the many opportunities of this past year. However, while I have had one foot grounded in the moment, one foot is safely secured to strategy and innovation. This is big picture of which I speak.

Discoveries and revelations, as well as deep grief, have affected me during 2018 and new thoughts are being “birthed” about the New Year and how it may unfold.  In the midst of mindful living, I acknowledge these new visions and hopes as gifts of the “present.” These are the knowingsthat come to me.

And so in my big picture, the one that matters to me, these are are some of these re-discoveries:

I continue to recognize that being an entrepreneur is not for sissies. This is hard work my friends. I’ve enlightened myself about how to fulfill that ingratiating and too oft heard phrase: work smarter not harder. However, the education about this was not a “knowing.” It was something that came from being coached by a business professional who simply guided me to rediscover the truths in my world. I call the phrase ingratiating because it is such a nemesis at times. I know, and have known for 40 some odd years, that I must do this to succeed. A lot of the time it happens, many times it doesn’t.

I’ve had self-love and balance remain a significant challenge this past year. Tell me what entrepreneur has not?  With the loss of loved ones, caring for aging parents, taking on projects that require far more time than I originally anticipated and maintaining commitments with friends has worn my self-care threads bare to the bone. Yes, I know I suffer most when I do not take valuable care of myself. The sad part is that we, as entrepreneurs, may sometimes end up releasing valuable friends and acquaintances in the attempt to find the balance we need.

And here’s one of the biggest of all: letting go. I’m such a perfectionist at times that instead of putting in 2 hours on a project that really only needed 2 hours, I’ll put in ten… just to get it to my satisfaction. And guess what? Sometimes, even then, it doesn’t suit the client. It doesn’t suit my lifestyle. It doesn’t suit my heart, and it may not even suit my health. This is when I, and any entrepreneur like myself, should truly practice the “letting go.” I’ve heard another phrase time and again” Let go. Let God.” This is a TRUTH. For any measure of peace, we must release our fears. Commit to doing the very best, but then let it go. Commit to doing an excellent job (though you may be tempted to spend more time on it than needed, don’t), and then let it go.

I have complete faith that a higher power exists, and I have a long record of assurance that this higher power will support my prayers, my reluctant efforts in releasing anxiety and fear, and that this higher power will be the safety net when I let go of the trapeze bars to grab the next ones swinging my way. So as I express my gratitude, embrace new ideas, accept my large workload, find ways to increase acts of self-care, and hand it over to God– I let go of the trapeze bars of 2018 and fly with grace toward the 2019 handle bars heading my way.

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