Secrets to Fearless Speaking

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Many people are crippled in both their professional as well as their personal lives by a deep fear of speaking up in public. They avoid leadership roles, cower in group settings, and can’t seem to put their feelings and ideas into words – even with loved ones. As a result their true potential remains unrealized.

I once suffered from stage fright and set out to conquer it. I found that being relaxed and centered in my true self, the essence of who I really am, is the key to relaxed and confident public speaking.

I call my programs Essential Speaking, because it’s about finding the essence of who you really are. When you discover the deep confidence within, you are able to speak anytime, anywhere without fear.

If you are somebody who avoids the spotlight and has speaking anxiety, you probably avoid speaking up at meetings and giving your opinion. You probably do not ever want to get on a stage to deliver a presentation. In fact, maybe you don’t even want to have a conversation one on one with your boss.

I imagine you are afraid that you’re going to lose your train of thought, you’re going to go blank, you are going to look silly, stupid, boring. I could go on and on with all of the things that I’ve heard people say that they’re afraid of.

The bottom line is that you’re afraid you’re going to look so weak, so scared, and other people are going to see that in you, and then make some kind of judgment.

My approach is an alternative to something like Toastmasters. It’s not about speaking, it’s about learning how to be yourself, how to be comfortable expressing yourself no matter what the circumstance is.

I have a seven-step signature Fearless Speaking program that I’ve designed that is based on seven secrets. I call them secrets, because they focus on your being, not on your content. For example, who thought that learning how to be silent could be one of the secrets to being able to confidently express yourself.

The second secret is presence. When you can center yourself in the moment, you are anchored in the now. There is a sense of grounding. You are connected to an inner stillness that helps keep you calm.

The remaining secrets, like silence and presence, involve the practice of conscious mindfulness. If you would like to learn more about these powerful tools, contact Doreen at and receive a free PDF outlining each secret.

See Doreen’s special video about Secrets to Fearless Speaking.

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