A Solopreneur’s Dilemma

By Susan Kavanaugh

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A colleague challenged me the other day with the statement that I ‘appeared to be in a mindset of lack’ and to explore why, with the goal of moving out of it as soon as possible.

Never mind that he was president of a publishing company that wanted to publish my book on “Conscious Capitalism for the Solopreneur.” Never mind that while his editors raved about me being a great writer, they wanted $4,500 to coach me to my best writing yet. Before they would publish the book. Never mind that I had been lead to believe I was taking my next step to greater success in supporting conscious solopreneurs nationally and globally.

Corey had a point.

I didn’t think I could afford $4,500 for the luxury of a “perfect” (by their standards) book. I’d been exploring it, and another publisher wanted $1,500 to do the same thing but offered more of the actual writing. I even balked at that rate.

Perhaps there are a few of you who will relate to my situation. This summer one of my long time clients had released me from the nearly three-year contract I’d had with them because they determined that someone within the company could stretch and take on the job I‘d been doing. Another client had been unable able to pay me for nearly 60 days for quite a bit of work I’d done grant writing. It was a considerable amount of money. Eventually I collected it, yet I had to admit that this summer was very slow.

Many of my clients were vacationing and putting projects on hold. I began to allow the mentality of lack to cloud my belief in my future. In 2017, I invested nearly $20,000 in building my solopreneur business, and I’d committed to myself to recover that investment three times over in 2018.  Corey was right; I was coming from a place of fear.

Often when a solopreneur dives into their own business, unless there are Angel Investors involved, there is always a healthy respect for accounts receivable and accounts payable. Easing into a mindset of prosperity may require time for some of you.

But, shame on me. I believe in MANIFESTATION. I believe that thoughts held in mind “produce after their kind.” The better question for me this past month has been am I actively living what I believe. Another mentor would ask, “Are you setting your daily intention? Are you keeping it in your thoughts throughout the day?” Here’s what I had to admit to her: “I’ve fallen out of the habit.”

As solopreneurs, we have to create minimal, sometimes maximal, structure to sell, produce, market, network, evolve, educate ourselves and stretch. What is your method? Do you have a plan? Did you create a business plan for your business?

For me, it has been a matter of walking my talk.  Because of these recent events, I’ve re-committed to my daily intentions. I have a mantra in my mind that receives frequent attention, including my daily intention. Louise Hay, a darling who passed on last year but who I personally knew, gave the mantra to me, “I LOVE MONEY AND MONEY LOVES ME.”

This does not conflict with conscious living. In my mindful moments, I understand that for me to accomplish my life goals, I need the leverage of exchange. In 2018, in Phoenix and in general, dollars and income offer the leverage. I love money and money loves me.

It’s not so I can buy a Louis Vuitton bag, or get liposuction, or go to the Bahamas every month. I love money because it allows me to positively change people lives and bring more love/peace into the world.

I accepted the challenges of my colleagues and mentors, and now I have daily intentions that affirm my prosperity.

It is my Divine Inheritance. What are you doing to manifest yours?

One thought on “A Solopreneur’s Dilemma

  1. Thanks for an amazing article, Susan! I have found that when I worry about money, I block it. When I release the worry, the money comes. It’s not always easy to release worry or doubt, but it’s very easy to fall out of good habits. Setting intention and living in a way that is consistent with my beliefs helps keep me in the zone, too. Thank you again for the reminder to stay on top of my practice!


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