A Holistic Approach to Business

By Kristiana Fox

If you sometimes feel like the world is falling apart — it is, but that is a good thing as these changes are necessary to see a shift in consciousness. Whatever your feelings are when you hear the word ‘New Age’, the concept came from the change believed to occur from the astrological era of the ‘Age of Pisces’ evolving to the ‘Age of Aquarius,’ which has fueled a lot of books on new thought and spirituality. Piscean values of money, power, control and ego are believed to be replaced by values of love, unity, brotherhood and integrity.

The shift in values is also being carried over to leadership where we see it changing from the head to the heart and soul, IQ (Analytical Intelligence) to EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and SQ (Spiritual Intelligence), the left brain (logic, rational thought) to the right brain (creativity, intuition, empathy), doing to being, and the mature masculine to the mature feminine being incorporated into business. Conscious Leadership is in tune with this and is changing from the old paradigm of dominance and fear to cooperation and trust, carrot and stick leadership to inspirational leadership, competition and control to collaboration and support, political and guarded to authentic and open, expedience to integrity, speaking and logic to listening and intuition.

New leadership styles such as: Authentic Leadership, Values Centered Leadership, Servant Leadership, Heart Based Leadership and Conscious Leadership are being cultivated to give individuals tools and approaches to develop a more holistic approach to business. Here is a description of each style and how to incorporate each leadership method and also see the relationship between them.

  1. Heart Centered Leadership

Heart Centered Leadership means having the wisdom, courage and compassion to lead others with authenticity, transparency, humility and service. The three differences of a Heart Centered Leader are their focus to serve the people they are leading, tell the truth, and do not judge or assume but ask the right questions. The 7 principles of Heart Centered Leadership are: know thyself, know your impact, don’t judge or assume–instead come to understand, let go , give associates have a choice, they need what they need, and care for the heart.

  1. Conscious Leadership

Conscious Leadership is one of the four tenants of Conscious Capitalism. Conscious Leaders are expected to have high analytical (IQ), emotional (EQ), spiritual (SQ) and systems intelligence (SYQ). They also have an orientation toward servant leadership, strength, high integrity and a great capacity for love and care. Conscious Leaders focus on “we”, rather than “me.” They inspire, foster transformation, and bring out the best in those around them. They understand that their role is to serve the purpose of the organization, to support the people within the organization, and to create value for the all of the organization’s stakeholders. They recognize the integral role of culture and purposefully cultivate a Conscious Culture of trust and care.

  1. Values Based Leadership

Values Based Leadership is motivating employees by connecting organizational goals to employee’s personal values, so that employees come to identify strongly with both the organization and its mission. The four principles of Values Based Leadership are leaders that are: self-aware and genuine, mission driven and focused on results, lead with their heart, and focus on the long-term.

  1. Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership is both a leadership philosophy and set of leadership practices. Traditional leadership generally involves the accumulation and exercise of power by one at the ‘top of the pyramid.’ The ten qualities of a Servant Leader are: listening, empathy, healing, awareness, persuasion, conceptualization, foresight, stewardship, commitment to people, and building community.

  1. Authentic Leadership

Authentic Leadership is an approach to leadership that emphasizes building the leader’s legitimacy though honest relationships with followers which value their input and are built on an ethical foundation. Authentic Leaders are: self-aware and genuine, mission driven and focused on results, lead with their heart, and focus on the long- term.

Whatever your leadership style, Conscious Leaders share these characteristics: Are self-aware and introspective and they have a wisdom that is a deeper intelligence. Serve from a higher purpose and inspire a vision. Transcend for the greater good of the organization and humanity. Have a genuine curiosity to understand others and create a deeper connection. Create cultures where others can flourish, feel empowered, and realize their potential. Lead with an emphasis on the “whole needs”- employees, customers, stakeholders, and the organization. Connecting with the whole and aligning purposes creates win-wins, sustained results, and better futures. Are confident, compassionate, courageous, and can make tough decisions while taking full responsibility for their decisions. Practice humility and authentic power. This is power from within rather than a focus on external power based on the trappings of title and prestige. Live life from a place of integrity and wholeness. They are grounded in values of family, community and work.

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